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About Us

Who We Are

GivingIsGood.org is a searchable website with video content of people doing incredible things throughout humanity. Our goal is to bring them to you, so you don’t have to go and drive all over and to find out who it is that you want to get involved with. You can simply come to the website, put in something that you identify with, that you have a heart for, something that you want to give to, whether it be time, money or both.

We are trying to give the public the ability to see founders, the people that run these organizations what they do on a daily basis. They are so busy doing what they do all day long, helping people, that they don’t the time to go and produce this type of video and these types of interviews to show case what they are doing, or maybe what their needs are.

We do not take money for these organizations, we are simply a conduit to help them find people to give their time and money, we are show casing what they are doing. Some of these people have been in business for 25, 30, and 40 years, they’ve done incredible things. We want their story to be heard, they are so busy helping people all day long that they don’t have time to create video to help people to see who they are and how much they are blessing other individuals. We want you to be able to see them so that you can get involved directly with them. That is what Giving is Good is trying to accomplish.

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    Questions / Answers

    How can I Help?

    Are you taking money for the Charities, Ministries, Foundations etc that you are showcasing on the website?

    No we are simply a Conduit for the Public to find Groups or certain types of organizations to give Time and Money to.

    Can someone give to givingisgood.org?

    Yes you can.

    If I give money to givingisgood.org where does the money go and for what purpose?

    We are a 501c3 Non Profit that is providing a service to the Org’s that we highlight and showcase but we don’t charge them any money for the video production or to be on our website. So any money given to us will go to fund our vision of helping all the Orgs doing wonderful things for humanity and the Kingdom of Christ in our special way, which is Video content to show everyone what they are accomplishing.

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