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How can I Help?

Are you taking money for the Charities, Ministries, Foundations etc that you are showcasing on the website?

No we are simply a Conduit for the Public to find Groups or certain types of organizations to give Time and Money to.

Can someone give to givingisgood.org?

Yes you can.

If I give money to givingisgood.org where does the money go and for what purpose?

We are a 501c3 Non Profit that is providing a service to the Org’s that we highlight and showcase but we don’t charge them any money for the video production or to be on our website. So any money given to us will go to fund our vision of helping all the Orgs doing wonderful things for humanity and the Kingdom of Christ in our special way, which is Video content to show everyone what they are accomplishing.

When I search for a certain type of charity why doesn’t it come up?

Over time we will add more categories, check back with us and see if the certain type of Org that you are looking for has been added.

How do you find the Org’s to put on your website?

Through Human Connection, purely Organic. Somehow it just Happens!

Are you actually saying that you believe Jesus told you to do this?

Yep I sure do! I didn’t come up with this idea, it was in a vision that came out of Fasting and Prayer. I’m not that smart enough to come up with this type of concept. But I will obey His directive….

Do you have an Internship program?

Yes we do, we would love to have people come and help!

Do you think other people can do the interviews in other places and get them on the site to help expand your content?

Yes I believe in the future we will figure that out but we have some many Org’s doing incredible things in our own backyard that I want to spend the first Couple of years developing, growing, learning, and making mistakes before we get to other cities.

Why when I search for the same category different Org’s come up each time?

If we only show the same group at the top then the others in that category may not get enough “looks” so I want different groups at the top each time for exposure in case someone doesn’t want to watch video’s down the page.