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Mow Ministry – Go love on your kids, let us take care of your yard!

Did you know that the average American adult spends around 70 hours every year taking care of their lawn? For widows and single moms, that can mean a tradeoff of precious time spent with their kids or family. Nearly a decade ago, a group of men, formed Mow Ministry, saw this as a perfect opportunity to join together and give some of that time back.
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Call James Hudson

From day one, James Hudson and his teams have been making a difference in the lives of families throughout our community. “Lawn care can involve a lot of different things, like mowing, edging, and weed-eating—all things that have to be done, but take time. The way we see it, single moms are trying to be the mom, the dad, the breadwinner, and everything else. They have to take their kid to the soccer game on Saturday morning, and all the other things they have going on. So, we let them focus on something that’s, frankly, more important. Go love on your kids; let us take care of your yard!”

Even in the brutal 110 degree heat of the Texas summer, lawn mowers and equipment are loaded up in trailers, trucks beds, and even a Mini Cooper, as Mow Ministry volunteers head out every week to make sure these single moms and widows have one less thing to care for.