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Jefferson Aldredge

When writing my bio I wanted to make certain that it only comes from my heart.  Here is my attempt at a bio that does just that and yet doesn’t bore you to sleep but also gives a glimpse of who I am as a human. I don’t want it to be business-like because I’m not applying for a job but I also don’t want it to be too non-professional, because I want you to take me seriously.

This is what I am and who I am currently on my personal journey called “Life”…

How I view myself:

A Seeker of Truth

A man of faith in Jesus Christ – whom I believe to be my Savior and Father.

A father of two incredible, beautiful, intelligent, strong, and independent thinkers whom I am very proud to call my daughters.

A husband for more than 20 years to a fiercely protective, hilarious, dynamically intelligent, no-nonsense woman who also is my best friend.

A businessman who actually believes “if you do the right thing then it will work out” and at the same time hopefully you make profit and stay in business.

A leader to the people that work with/for me who see me make lots of mistakes and grow, because I am just a man.

A friend that fails miserably at being a good friend to those that call me friend, just know I am learning every day and I value my friendships.

A son to parents that I caused much heartache to while growing up yet hopefully they feel “he didn’t turn out so bad after all.”

A guy who likes to fix things, think, exercise, cycle, hunt, fish, golf, eat, cook, camp, travel, tithe, Give, help people find Jesus and be myself.

A man who really believes that I can figure anything out eventually.

A high school drop out who has a Degree in Philosophy from University of Texas Arlington.