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Equal Heart — Increasing Food Access Coast-to-Coast

Equal Heart is a 501(c)3 nonprofit currently focused on alleviating hunger. We work to expand access to ensure every hungry individual has a daily meal no matter their circumstances. Our Vision is that misfortune is overcome through shared response, because the humanity and courage in each individual is recognized. Our Path is to always recognize that each person, no matter their circumstances of birth or fortune, is created equal. That in our hearts we all have the same dreams, aspirations and hopes. For ourselves and for our children.
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Equal Heart supports programs that annually provide 1.5 million pounds of bulk food for 5,000+ families and over 3 million prepared meals for 35,000 children in after-school and summer programs.

A large portion of bulk food resources come from surplus food stock. Food that is destined for the landfill until we divert it to feed families. Reclaiming close to 700,000 pounds of food reduces hunger and helps the environment.

Equal Heart works with 65 partner organizations, 395 AmeriCorps members, and leverages hundreds of volunteers to build community as we work to find solutions to hunger.